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since a long time brother :)

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Brilliant and emotional.

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Alexander B

I liked how he kept the same chair for the many years of the story therefore referring to one keeping the same car for most of your life... That message may have been unintentional but it is an interesting aspect that could have been used.

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Sorry, but it's litlle too long for me.
Somewhere inside losts it's impact…
But still this is beautiful and realy nice ad. Good proof also that boring marketing slogan „joy of life”, which is really a nightmare for creatives, when not litterally treated can be such nice dreamland.
I drive old corrola, so im not objective.

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Beautiful movie.

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the pianist - adrien brody

Arnold Santillan

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nice, but, um selling Toyota? I guess I'll give them a point for being a car company that didn't show the product...

... its already been done...

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beautiful spot.
i love the fact it (the effect, on the stage) is not too polished. looks great.
this could have been another horrible cliche script about 'lifes moments'....jewellery ads, insurance blah blah
but this makes it something a bit more special.
only part where i come undone is the fact its for toyota.
but maybe thats smart, because it is so irrelevant i might remember it more...
overall though, nice feelgood ad.

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Beautiful, bu.. why that attack to the internet? It seemed very forced and useless to me. And naive.

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Beautiful! Beautifully crafted commercial...but that's all about it! Pity....

The end line suxs big time too, confusing the audience like me. 'Something the internet can't do. Meet.' Meet what? Internet can't do what?

I think the concept is something like 'Drive and go out more often'. It's about advicing people not to get stuck in front of the computer, surfing surfing and surfing. Go out and meet someone. Drive out with a Toyota.

But again, what has it to do with Toyota?!

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It's definitely an interesting concept for a commercial. I love the cinematography. But the end lost me completely. Is Toyota developing a sister company? THAT would make sense. This commercial being about cars, however, does not.

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a bit far from toyota, otherwise nicely done.

made in japan, strangley no japanese talent?

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made in czech

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ahh i see, seems to be a hot/cheap location to shoot these days.

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Activity Score 3086

since a long time brother :)

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It's a music video with a producy slapped on at the end.

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ahh que buen comercial!!!... que buen camino... nunca antes visto .. que buena vanguardia... pero porque toyota critica la internet?... mmm ok

excelente!!!,,, en colombia un cliente lo hubiera rechazado inmediatamente

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Cool. Loved the direction and concept. I only think that shot from top is out of line, but the rest of it... loved it. The music is quite good as well. Great production.