Fire Hydrant Floods

Agency Network: 
June 2008

Advertising Agency: Modernista!

Executive CD(s): Gary Koepke, Lance Jensen
CD(s): Shane Hutton, Will Uronis
Art Director(s): Will Uronis, Joe Paganucci
Copywriter(s): Shane Hutton, Kapil Kachru
Director of Broadcast: Charles Wolford
Senior Producer: Donna Lamar
Asst. Producer: Mary Donington
Prod Company: RSA
Director: Joe Carnahan
DP: Paul Cameron
EP: Marjorie Abrahams
Line Producer: Mark Walejko
Editorial: The Whitehouse
Editor: David Brixton
Assistant Editor: Joanna Manning
EP: Sue Dawson
Producer: Joni Wright
Telecine: The Mill, NY
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Post / Effects: rhinofx
VFX CD: Vico Sharabani
Lead Flame Artist: Brad Scott
Flame Artist: Julie Mai
Producer: Linda Gallagher
Music: Black Iris
Composer: Justin Bailey
Producers: Daron Hollowell, Jonathan Fuller
Sound Design: Amber Music
Sound Designer: Andy Brannan
CD / EP: Michelle Curan
Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Rob DiFondi

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Highest Rated

quartnaz's picture
Activity Score 14

The idea of accessorizing your product feels so overdone. And the music gives me a headache :(

Patrizio's picture
Activity Score 172

So many people worked on this job. So little content came out...

manga's picture
Activity Score 111

what's the idea here?
And why does Cadillac advertise anyway..

teenquey's picture
Activity Score 290

WHAT!?! -_-"

stitchy's picture
Activity Score 779

waw 4 nothing!

Kirsche's picture
Activity Score 84

which country is it from?

klaussnow's picture
Activity Score 1675

oh modernista, what happened?

... its already been done...

josalor's picture
Activity Score 13

Ivan...why you don't come back to Quick Time? better than Flash

pixelbomb1's picture
Activity Score 2555

i think flash is better. a lot of companies does not allow quicktime.

Arnold Santillan

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

even though these ads suck, its sooo right on target
...I've worked with women with a demeanor like this

scarfinati's picture
Activity Score 843

arent sunglasses made of metal?

zeeshangul's picture
Activity Score 42

Such irrelevant critism up there. Please this is a proffessional platform so stick to posting constructive critism rather than making a fool outta urself! I think this was fabulous both in terms of script, concept and execution! Well done!

terry127's picture
Activity Score 80


scarfinati's picture
Activity Score 843

“I think this was fabulous both in terms of script, concept”

So the concept that a caddy is now her best summer accesory is somehow a fabulous idea. Ok, it isnt in my book though.

Car ads are all image. Very rarely do they actually sell with a message. That means no real concept to speak of...

cullers's picture
Activity Score 332

It's very appealing to me. Not quite as much as the one where the woman gets upset about the idiotic idea that women buy cars for the cup holders... but still very appealing. Makes me want a caddy.

quartnaz's picture
Activity Score 14

The idea of accessorizing your product feels so overdone. And the music gives me a headache :(

johndo's picture
Activity Score 16

very very bad sound production.

Horrible music, very bad audio production, what a shame 8 peoples to do that. . .

JAG's picture
Activity Score 166

Cadillac is trying to throw off it's older generation image and appeal to a younger crowd. Maybe it works.

Osama Nofal's picture
Osama Nofal
Activity Score 209

Trying a new habit