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too fake looking and way too boring...

im not even sure why im commenting on this one...

Nesquik's picture
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Men, you should have been judge in cannes that time. This one won silver if im not wrong : (

ivan's picture

You're correct.

the_ashlands's picture
Activity Score 1394

well...then maybe cannes is beginning to slip.

Justin's picture
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Cos ur a chop!

Great work.

Funny and unique.

I kinda dig the fact that it looks a little animated, feels like the ad isnt taking itself too seriously which adds a tone of humour.

Nicely done.

ellehcimeo's picture
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love this one. i think it adds to it that the cockroach is kind of animated looking. you want to keep looking at it. who knew cockroaches had souls. guess i'll treat my "suit" a little better. :)

addyhoch10's picture
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i really like the idea. in my opinion the execution's a bit boring 'til the ascending of the roach's soul.

Daryllee's picture
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Speechless in a way, dont know what to say, its not that good but well in a way its funny...

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