Birthday Cards

December 2007

Brain Cancer is a leading cause of cancer death in adults aged 20-39, so particularly affecting young parents – and in turn, the children and families who live through the loss of their loved one. The film created by DDB Sydney and Filmgraphics shows the heartache of a mother knowing she won’t live long enough to be with her baby daughter as she grows older. The insight ‘We don’t know what causes brain cancer, but we do know what it affects.’ portrays the emotionally distressing reality for those diagnosed with Brain Cancer. The more funds that are raised, the more the Cure For Life Foundation can do to help find a cure for this terrible condition.

Advertising Agency: DDB Sydney, Australia
National Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Deputy Creative Director: Steve Back
Art Director: Adam Rose
Copywriters: Ben O’Brien, Alex Wadelton
Director: Jono Nyquist
Production Company: Filmgraphics
Music: Hope For The Hopeless / A Fine Frenzy
Music Company: The Ant Farm, Los Angeles

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David Wooderson's picture
David Wooderson
Activity Score 23

That is simply beautiful. I feel like crying.. an incredible amount of emotion for just 60 seconds. I hope they get people thinking about that charity and raise some money.

Well done to everyone involved.

vurtomatic's picture
Activity Score 364

Nice, but I think the copy could be stronger. And I'm not sure why the idea feels very much like something I might've come across in a book or a scene out of a movie.

amsterdam73's picture
Activity Score 374

Good insight indeed, good ad.

It's the same insight as in 'P.S. I love you'. A movie recently shown in theaters:


jdavila's picture
Activity Score 6
fauxjebus's picture
Activity Score 498

Wholey shit. This is unbelievably good.

To everyone who says this is unoriginal—STFU. Cog wasn't the first to make a Rube Goldberg machine either.

They're trying to raise money for cancer, are you seriously going to sit there in the peanut gallery and complain about the freshness of the ad, regardless of the emotional maelstrom that is carefully built?

Wild guess: you don't have kids do you?

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

love the spot, but incidentally the plot has been used almost a decade ago in a hindi film called 'kuch kuch hota hai' starring bollywood superstar shahrukh khan (indians will knoe what im saying). it involves the exact set up where the mother (rani mukherjee)writes birthday cards for her daughter before passing away.

nevertheless, its a beautiful thought n this is flawless execution id say...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

iT-iS-i's picture
Activity Score 1721

Warm and hard hitting twist, works very well and perfectly subtle. All the best of luck...

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

troika02's picture
Activity Score 212

oh my, that was very moving. almost made me cry. amazing. great twist in the end. i just love it... great work guys! sniff.

hawkline's picture
Activity Score 89

Beautiful work. Great reveal. Great copy, too. Congrats.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Wow - nice. I'm speechless.

tommyus's picture
Activity Score 9

I cried because it was so moving. Then I cried because I didn't make this ad. Beautiful work guys. Made be donate.

worldad's picture
Activity Score 6

Simple, powerful idea, sensitively and subtley handled. Tough category to win but a deserved winner in my eyes. Good luck with the donations too.

vaseem's picture
Activity Score 54

brilliant execution...grt idea....speechless..........

fox's picture
Activity Score 3

I love it. Great idea. Superb direction. Love the actress. Love the music. Love the way the ad gets you in and builds. I nearly cried.

Belgian's picture
Activity Score 12

Incredible, wonderful... speechless. Well done.

tahir's picture
Activity Score 13

such a nice 60 seconds...God Bless the whole team.

Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
Activity Score 386

I was a bit choked.

sheetalz's picture
Activity Score 146

Hats off !!!!!!!!!

Khalid Munshi's picture
Khalid Munshi
Activity Score 14

mind blowing..... Excellent.....

rbrulon's picture
Activity Score 4

great... some times we need to use a heart to fell before use the brain to speack..
almost make me cry, speechless...

EGGO's picture
Activity Score 354

Oh my god was that good.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

halfstring's picture
Activity Score 288

Phew ... made it through. Music is a little cheesy but appropriate.

quest's picture
Activity Score 11

geez. That's quite good, isn't it?

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404

WOW. I'm touched.

picktokyo's picture
Activity Score 1404

Damn true man. This is really good. I watched it again and again and I still feel,,,,, trembling?

T-bone's picture
Activity Score 48
annie_us's picture
Activity Score 90

That is simply beautiful.
Great idea. Superb direction.

ahmedbahey's picture
Activity Score 59

Great effort, and we 've to appreciate the great team!
Good luck

Ahmed Bahey\Creative Director

egha permadi's picture
egha permadi
Activity Score 10

GOOD. very, very beautiful.....

xhp's picture
Activity Score 543

So good, i didnt had any sound when i looked it, also effective, i'm shivering...

quistilixians's picture
Activity Score 10

W.O.W !!!

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

This is simply awe inspiring. I HAVE seen this in movies before, and I have even heard of a true life account in which a mother had a pre-chosen gift sent to her daughter for each of the daughters' birthdays. Knowing that doesn't make what I just saw any less beautiful. In fact, it could even make it that much more heart shattering, knowing that somewhere somebody has seen this, and actually KNOWS what it feels like.

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