September 2010

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Film advertisment created by Bates, Norway for Audi, within the category: Automotive.

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Jaap Grolleman
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That's so smart. I'm biased, very biased, because I do mountainbiking, but oef that was cool. And what a way to show their cars capability.

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watch the BMW land speed commercial. Looks like its inspired from there.

The smart way to show the cars capability is portrayed much better here...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Good work.

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The MTBing is cool, but" And what a way to show their cars capability." - it going through a puddle is hardly inspiring?

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Reminds me a lot of this;

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In a way you're right, there are similarities. Still, I like the Audifilm a lot. A LOT!

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A very expensive "ok" commercial...

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Define expensive please

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@Thedesignaddict and kalpesh78
It does not seem quite like you catch the idea here. In this commercial the Audi Q5 plays the role as a team car for a mountain bike race in the same manner as other vehicles can be team cars in for example Tour de France. Your examples for BMW are typical meta-commercials where the camera is revealed to be in the car it's advertising. This has been done many times and with varying success. I kinda like both your examples, but of the many meta-camera ideas, I actually think this ( from 2002 is even better, because the idea is not explained, which is done in both of your examples. By the way, this movie is made by some of the same guys as "mountainbike".

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The film you are talking about is certainly not better, just because of helicopter shot! If you want to let me think that it's filmed by another audi, show me only audi point of view!

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I agree. It would be much better without the heli-shots. What I like about it is that its not explaining the idea. By the way: its not like the camera-car is an Audi. The point is that its not - that’s why it runs off.

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