Advanced State of Mind

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February 2011

Audi: Advanced State of Mind

Film advertisment created by Creativeland Asia, India for Audi, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Creativeland Asia, India
Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup
Creative Operations Partner: Kiran Nandwani
Production Company: The Mill, Crocodile Films
Director: Russell Tickner
Executive Producers: Andy Orrick, Sajiv Kurup
Producers: Ian Berry, Josh Davies, Kristyna Podolska
Creative Director, Digital: Rodrigo Sobral
Creative Technologist: Tony Volpe
Storyboarder: John Colebourn
Digital Build Partner: Disturb Media
Music Director: Vicky Goswami
Sound: Jiten
Editing Company: The Mill
Editor: Daniel Budin
Edit Assist: James Mortner / Digital
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill London
VFX Producer: Rahel Makonnen
Shoot Supervisor: Suraj Odera
2D Lead Artists: David Lee, Rob Rostek, Paul Kennerley
3D Lead Artists: Suraj Odedra
2D Artists: Jerome Lionard, John Thornton
3D Artists: Adrien Flanquart, Karl Shudeck, Dan Moore, Johannes Richter, Tom Bardwell, Yannick Lecroffe, Nikki Atkinson, Chris McDonald, Tom Raynor
Motion Graphics: Adam Brandon, Ollie Walsh, Irrum Khan
Colourist: Adam Scott
Colour Producer: Cath Short

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There is also a 3D version available:

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good output but im afraid its a little boring, or maybe i was watching the kia optima repeatedly

| everartz |

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javier bizarro
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Thats the most exclusive car i ever saw you dont need to get in car the car is surrending you

its too long 30s spot will be enought

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Congrats to the 10 people on the 3D department. Apart from that, nothing special.

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Great production, especially a milestone for indian productions, makes me proud. But I couldn't get d soul which is prominent in all indian ads, weak story boarding, why does the man gets pushed into the seat, it feels he is being forced to do something, moreover when we are using a copy like "state of mind", i would like to know the story of that person, what is the state of mind which corresponds to audi's state of mind. A little background of the person could have added life to the ausum production. If we are bringing all the pieces of audi back, that can resemble an integration of mind and soul from a disintegrated situation.

Art Director,
Miami Ad School, Miami (March 2012 Graduate)

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could be better

Art Director,
Miami Ad School, Miami (March 2012 Graduate)

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pushing didnt disturb me and shouldnt disturb any1 it gives u relaxation making u fall in love with R8L lol

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thanks that u agree, its "falling" in love, not "pushing" in love..:)

Art Director,
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brave work!