A singular man

August 2012

Production company: Primo Bs. As.

Producer: German Lentini

Film advertisment created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina for Andes Beer, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff, Mariano Serkin
Creative Directors: Ariel Serkin, Juan Pablo Lufrano
Creatives: Diego Gueler Montero, Charlie Lanus
Agency producers: Adrian Aspani, Camilo Rojas, Lucas Delenikas
Account director: Jaime Vidal
Account Executive: Manuela Sorzana
Director: Nico & Martin
Executive producer: Caro Cordini
DP: Javier Juliá
Art direction: Magdalena Arrieta
Postproduction: Pickle House
Postproductor: Seba Lopez
Editor: Alejandro Hoijman
Txfer: Daniela Rios / Cinecolor
Music: Ezequiel Kronenberg
Sound designer: Notdeaf Sound Design
Advertiser's Supervisors: Ricardo Fernandez, Agustin Mostany, Matias Mediña

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Highest Rated

sacrilegend's picture
Activity Score 3394

Yeah. These guys are on a whole different level. Awesome stuff.

Temple's picture
Activity Score 11337

10 stars for most of the story, but a letdown at the end. Since there's nothing really spectacular about a beer bottle with a wide mouth, the whole commercial becomes a much a do about nothing case.

sacrilegend's picture
Activity Score 3394

I think that's the point. There's nothing very remarkable about new package designs, yet our clients seem to think they're the Second Coming for their respective brands. Here, there's not much that's remarkable -- except for one stunning ad that makes you chuckle and connects you with the brand.

I think this is great.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 48522

Edward Beer hands!?!?!?

Ed Stevenson's picture
Ed Stevenson
Activity Score 38

Absolutely brilliant!!!
Insane and genius at the same time.
Love the story, the direction, the photography, the music.
I haven't seen such a creative commercial for a long time!

denfilm's picture
Activity Score 406

I love it

miko1aj's picture
Activity Score 3086

it's about being an alcoholic right? It's beautifully done, but...

advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
Activity Score 616

well, nice.. but thats kind of it..

Aurelie's picture
Activity Score 105

Same agency than 'Dad's in briefs' ? This guys rocks !

sacrilegend's picture
Activity Score 3394

Yeah. These guys are on a whole different level. Awesome stuff.

t1sh0cfc's picture
Activity Score 38

I could say also that this is one brilliant advertising. The music ... #epic :)

Ed Stevenson's picture
Ed Stevenson
Activity Score 38


Troll's picture
Activity Score 674

You almost had a great ad.
Fell flat in the end.

abake's picture
Activity Score 1264

I agree with Troll, the end just doesn't work for me... still a fantastic piece.

AlexRosicky's picture
Activity Score 4

An excellent Ad! Congrats!

andylefty's picture
Activity Score 4535

Jesus I want to work in Argentina one day. amen.

mertos's picture
Activity Score 904


pulchinela's picture
Activity Score 1175

i dont like it, but video is nice

asfdominguez's picture
Activity Score 6

Buena la idea, pero considero que el video es un poco largo. Por lo demás, todo bien!

emiliodisi's picture
Activity Score 31

creo que si filmas asi un comercial de danonino te va a parecer que la idea esta buena tambien..

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