Russian doll

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June 2010

Film advertisment created by La Chose, France for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: La Chose, France
Account managers: Fanny Camus Tournier, Mickael Krikorian
Creative Director: Pascal Grégoire
Copywriters: Axel Didon, Kevin Colinet, Benjamin Parent
Art Directors: Axel Didon, Kevin Colinet
TV Producer: Nicolas Buisset
Photography Director: Nicolas Loir
Editor: Bif
Director: Bif
Production Company: Rods
Sound: KOUZ Production
Post-production: Bif

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TommyO's picture
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I feel like I was kicked in my stomach. Wonderful (But could someone explain what the Russians did to deserve this?).

Guest's picture

Amnesty International France and la chose denounce the violations of human rights in Russia (In France, the year of Russia)...

Hibon's picture
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Nice TV ad but .... why so "many" ads from France for Amnesty International ? Two campaigns, two diferent agencies is this free work for Cannes ????? ( would love to see the TV media planning :-)

Simple ideas are the best !

Guest's picture

Because TBWA makes Amnesty's film only for Cannes. Russia is a real brief, because this year, it is the year France-Russie.

Davai's picture
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matriochkas again ?

monsieurange's picture
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Perfecto, sublime!

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Parfait. Les Français ont une tendance à oublier que la Russie est un état policier.

Guest's picture

I'll tell all of you why. I am Russian. There is no democracy in Russia animore. Because Mr. Putin has built the Police State in Russia. Police has no limitations in using excessive force against people. All Courts do that the officials tell them to do even if the laws are violated. Actually, there is no laws for the ruling clique. They do that they want. Police kill people for nothing and is not punished for violating any laws. There is no jusctice, no free press, no citizen's rights for free meetings. All meetings which are against the present authorities are disassembled by police. Police beats severly unarmed people who just come to protest and do not even stop the traffic.
People are helpless. They feel they are worth nothing for the state and for the leaders. Human life doesn't cost anything. Miners protested against violating safety regulations in coal mines and they all were beaten and arrested. This is the today's Russia - the Orwells Police State

Hibon's picture
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You mean that "yesterday" Russia is just like "today" Russia ?

Simple ideas are the best !

Guest's picture
Guest sravnivat Rossiyu s Putinim eto prosto idiotizm. Rossia eto prekrasnaya strana a franzcuzi ne umeyut pohoje delat reklamu...govorit` shto russkaya krasota priachit ee ujasi eto kritinskiy podhod k realnosti. reklama-dermo.


meraj's picture
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excellent job ....totally impressed !!...perfect hit to the insight

Guest's picture

really really, nice. it's strong and show the reality in this country.
good job for the sound too.

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Посыл то конечно ясен: типа в России все плохо с правами человека, его убивают, заключают в тюрьму и не дают высказаться! Дамы и господа ну это же геополитика чистой воды. Все эти организации “прописанные” в странах Западной Европы и США защищают интересы правящей конъюнктуры. А те проблемы которые есть в их странах умело нивелируют! Ребят разберитесь с начало у себя с проблемами, а потом уже учите других!

The message is certainly clear: type in Russia everything is wrong with human rights, killed, imprisoned and not give comment! Ladies and gentlemen, well, it’s geopolitics of clean water. All these organizations “registration” in Western Europe and the United States to protect the interests of the ruling conjuncture. And the problems that exist in their countries ably negate! Friends, to first sort things out with your problems, and then teach others!

cef's picture
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its well done ad. but i think you are right in your point of view.

Guest's picture

Tochno....idiotskaya reklama

Appolonia's picture
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i love the ad...great execution... but i think it's a bit unfair ..coz after all..all this violence is against russians themselves...but technically..its a great ad.

Bates_ONIL's picture
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Great AD!

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It's definitely a great ad, but only the ad itself is great.

I totally agree with that Russian guest's viewpoint.

Guest's picture

Aye. However, we should not be forgetting the policies that'll let this crap to continue to happen. Honestly. They're going to either murder or censor their journalists to the point of freedom of the press being a joke. Religious persecution; same thing. Funny thing is, this was on French TV, and the French government is really just as bad in that respect. Fact of the matter is, the government is handling delicate situations recklessly, the Duma is continuously either much too diversified, or not diversified enough, and Putin still has so much power that the whole thing may as well be a constitutional monarchy, even if we'd like to claim Medvedev has any sort of power. Honestly, all a person really needs to do to realize this is look into Nord-Ost or Beslan, and see how much policy has changed since then. Or look at any of the numerous journalists who've been basically killed so they would shut the hell up. I'd reccomend the Politkovskaya case for an interesting read though. Look at anything that's been going on in the North Caucus in the post-Yeltsin era. And the Kremlin has pretty successfully prevented 95% of the world from hearing about it. All it is; is Human Rights. Oh, wait. That's a big deal right? Yeah.