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October 2010

Creature Shop LA

Film advertisment created by .99, New Zealand for Air New Zealand, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: .99, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Craig Whitehead
Creative Director: Craig Pethybridge
Art Director: Dom Antelme
Copywriter: Jon Coles
Production Company: Curious Films
Director: Josh Frizzell
Producer: Seth Wilson
Editors: Tim Mauger, Luke Haigh
Puppet design: Jim Henson's
Puppeter: Tyler Bunch
Agency Producer: Fiona Champtaloup
Account Director: Matt Dickinson
GM Marketing and Communications: Mike Tod
GM International Airline: Ed Sims
Head of Creative Shop: Jules Lloyd
Project Manager: Jodi Williams
Marketing Producer: Susan Davidson Social
Viral Media: Tom Bates
Music: Joel Haines (Genyus Soundtracks)

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funny. but the casting and acting on the other guy is horrific. what happened to subtleties?

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Very. Very. Good... it ain't about that 80/90's clever boom-tish type of advertising no more kids... it's weird, funny, strange stuff that sells and we all aspire to.

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Oh so you're saying it's not about GOOD advertising anymore? Ads with intelligence and craft replaced with brainless rip-off Meerkats and bad acting? It's weird, funny, strange stuff that gets a chuckle from our YouTube stupified generation, BUT it's still real insights and authentic engagement that sells.

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-Hi guys,who cares about the smut?
You do not tell us any specifics.
How far does the seat recline,footrest etc..The add is crap!
I will not pay 50% more for some "tasting platter"
99,should do better.

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How far does the seat recline? Uh, who cares? But either way, I thought this spot was super lame. Immature humor.

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Actually laughed out loud at this one!! Love the humor! Honestly the idea was just entertaining!

Cognito Ergo Sum

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A well executed dick joke...

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great ad!

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