Déjà-Vu 2

December 2016

Don d'organes - Déjà-Vu 2


In the context of the evolution of regulations for organ and tissue donation, the French Agence de la biomédecine is renewing its discourse for young people.
The aim is to continue raising awareness on the subject of organ and tissue donation, as well as to inform them about the law in force, in particular concerning the unrecognized principle of presumed consent and the methods of expressing refusal.

Film advertisment created by DDB, France for Agence de la biomédecine, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Copywriter: Patrice Dumas
TV prod: Corinne Persch
Director: Steve Rogers
Director of photography: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Production: La Pac
Agency leads: Jean-Luc Bravi, Sébastien Genty, Isaure Goetz, Julianne Sanson Ribaut

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Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8440

Such a waste of a very nice idea.

sacrilegend's picture
Activity Score 3392

Too long and not well-written enough to engage. The jokes weren't unique enough, either.

Altogether too expected to maintain interest.

That said, in a cinema, this might work better. Hard to say.

Dope Benedictus XVI's picture
Dope Benedictus XVI
Activity Score 65

Well good luck using what´s left of her organs... My impression of it all? "Meh"...

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8440

Such a waste of a very nice idea.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 45906

maybe this could be done in a movie theater??

L. Wiesen's picture
L. Wiesen
Activity Score 1340

looks great...