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Love them. Very funny.

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Great stuff. Very funny. Applause from colleaques from Leo Burnett, Belgrade, Serbia

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These are like the ad world equivalent to slapstick comedy. Goofy faces, and unlikely people performing vaguely hip songs. Oh my, is this what passes for advertising these days?

Culture In Ads:

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simply superb.. loved em

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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this is the best one.

good talent

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Kamal Sethu

Best one in the campaign... Halla Walla... Ahla sheghel.

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Sabine Pepitta

ze best

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Brilliant! Funny...n da kid is simply awesome.

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that kid is hilarious ! love it

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I love the concept, well done :)

Ahmed Bahey\Creative Director

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proverbial thought with all due respect i think u just want to criticise the campaign with out any thought on the concept behind it!
this campaign is PERFECTLY fitting with the target group!
here in egypt better educated young adults joke about how many egytpians mispell english words and just copy ameicans with out thinking about accents or meanings to wat they say or this is a blast here in egypt and cracks everyone up and has actually moved the client from being 6th on the list to 1st!

so maybe a little more research and thought before just criticizing and complaining?

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pleasz give me the new frequence of melody tunes