Percebeiro Shield

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May 2017

Percebeiro Shield\Nissan_english version

Experiential advertisment created by TBWA, Spain for Nissan, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Spain, Madrid, Spain
Creative Vice President: Juan Sánchez
Creative Director: Álber Fernández
Copywriter: Enrique de los Arcos
Art Directors: Daniel Ubach, Sergio Lahoz
Client Contact: Christian Costaganna, Javier Núñez
Account Team: Alex Igual, Mar Bujons, Ferran Granell
Production Manager: Ignasi Céspedes
Editor: Eduardo Ustarroz
Technology Direction: Glassworks Xavi's Lab
Producer: Mammateam
Director: Vicente Gil Ginestar
Executive Producer: Albert Soler
Production Coordinator: Juli Cayetano Díaz
DOP: Pol Orpinell
Original Music: Trafalgar13 Music House
Video Post Production: Glassworks
Audi Post Production: Oido
Digital Production Manager: Rebeca Garrobo

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