Interactive Christmas Window

January 2017

Galeria Kaufhof Frankfurt Hauptwache - Weihnachten liegt in der Luft

Galeria Kaufhof: Interactive Chrstimas-Window


This year Grosse8 developed the media concept for the Christmas window at Galeria Kaufhof in Frankfurt: a window full of imagination that looks just like Jules Verne or DaVinci had planned it themselves: Inside a variety of toys and gifts hover on white clouds. Outside children young and old can choose their desired items from three wish lists (touch membranes attached to the window) and send them to the sky. One window further a fantastical airship delivers the gifts along a video screen on the backwall. It can be controlled via another membrane that sticks on the glass while four fans blow small styrofoam snowflakes into the air. But be careful: If a lightning flash on screen hits the airship, the gifts will fall and you have to start again from the beginning. Not so easy, but successfull players will be rewarded with a small present, which the children can pick up from the toy department. Come, play and be be enchanted.

Experiential advertisment created by Grosse8, Germany for Matel, within the category: Toys.

Advertising Agency: Grosse8, Cologne, Germany
Creative Director: Stephan Müller
Art Directors: Gerrit Kress, Stephan Müller, Lukas Flory
Technical Development: Gerrit Kress, Lukas Flory
Electronic Development: Lukas Flory, Edgar Martinez
Programming: Verena Henn
3D Design: Jürgen Meyer
Making of: David Füsgen
Published: November 2017

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I liked it.

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