Zeeg2: How to make a sound

Many commercials instigate curiosity about the sounds we hear and how they are produced. After all, the triggering of a gun doesn’t necessarily mean the commercial protagonists are holding one. For instance, when we hear a heart beating, people are not all connected to appliances to enhance the sound of their heartbeats. From this idea, Zeeg2, a sound producer, decided to demystify and show how some sound effects are artificially made. The company sent by mail an interactive kit for people to handle and reproduce the sounds we hear in advertisements. The action’s creation is signed by DDB Brasil.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato, Wilson Mateos, Luciano Lincoln, Guilherme Jahara
Creatives: Ricardo Salgado, Rafael Voltolino, Fernando Pereira
Account Supervisors: Maristela Pati Correa, Tania Pena, Maria Helena Addesso


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I love it.

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good one

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Damn nice.

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Wow that is awesome. Really nice DM.

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