Wüsthof Fillet Knife: Fishbook

Brief: To create promotional material and awareness for the Wüsthof fish fillet knife.

Idea / Implementation: We designed a recipe journal and placed it around the “cooking/food” sections in selected bookstores as well as sending out to potential customers as a promotion. The book has a removable jacket designed to look like the scales of a fish. By sliding this outer jacket, the user can see a raw meat emerging from underneath the cover, a perfect illustration of a Wüsthof fillet knife gently removing a fillet from a fish.

Results: We sent these journals to potential customers and also made it available in selected bookstores. Although it was designed for promotional purposes, it had added value as a niche retail find. The unique design created a buzz for bookstore shoppers who requested pricing information to purchase the journal. It created significant traffic to the website and word-of-mouth added PR value.

Advertising Agency: ÇÖZÜM, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director/Copywriter: Gokhan Yucel
Art Director: Banu Ustundag
Planning Directors: Can Aksuyek, Ahmet O. Yener
Photographer: Ali Ozatalay


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good job!

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i love direct mail.
great work guys!

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You created an entire recipe book just so you could execute a slightly clever cover trick? Hmmm.

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" The unique design created a buzz for bookstore shoppers who requested pricing information to purchase the journal."

yeah..I wonder how many people requested the price of the knife..

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it says "...to purchase the journal" like as a piece of stationery/notebook material. Not the price of the knife!

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that's my point. If this is meant to be advertising for the knife - it fails.

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not great!!!

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nice demonstration. Wasn't it a bit expensive to produce a book as a give-away?

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the art director has done magic with his idea. i love the concept. but i do agree that it is a costly affair!

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Expensive, but if the clien can pay for it... congratulations!

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slicety slice...

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