Vodafone: Banknote

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends NRW, Germany
Creative Directors: Niels Alzen, Alexander Hansen
Concept / Copywriter: Elias Kouloures
Art Directors: Christof Deutscher, Pia Niehues, Anna-Verena Heidekrüger, Stephanie Blaschka
Account: Janine Hardich, Sven Horrer
Released: November 2009

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might confuse people for a while (if it's real money, scam etc)

but, interesting.


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I love Scholz and Friends.. they always come up with these brilliant stunts, BUT this one is not so brilliant. It's interesting indeed but also potentially problematic. People can indeed think that there's something "wrong" with the bank notes they get and they'll be asking questions! Now if each sticker clearly indicates that it can easily be removed without damaging the bank note, then yeah this may work.

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I rather prefer this German piece of art:


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me too, they should have done better research before they claim "...where no advertisment has gone before..."
this one is a old trick, someone did it with coins too....

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BOOOOM!!! So true!

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Not a winner; surely its not gonna go to their wallet ; (


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Been done before many times! example: Sopranos spread like 5000 - 1 dollar bills "mafia money" from new york buildings with Sopranos Logo on it in the year 2000 or 2001!
and other brands on the years after that. wonders me that the agency invests money and time in this

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R U serious
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The idea of using the bill as media is older than my grandma but I like the design using the map and everything.

The video is a scam, no need for that.

Say my name, say my name...

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I love the medium. I think it is clear enough.

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Sorry, I was forced to take the video down due to politics.

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It's available here on the ScholzundFriends account:

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