VfL Wolfsburg: Note

2009 the German football club VfL Wolfsburg entered the record books and won their first Bundesliga title. To promote the “Champions Collection” merchandise these bags were given out to fans that purchased an item at the local fan shop, remembering everyone, which club is currently “holding” the German championship title. The result: nationwide attention, an increase in sales and some very proud fans.

Advertising Agency: deepblue sports, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Oliver Drost
Art Directors: Oliver Reichwald, Karsten Bruns
Copywriter: Caspar Domizlaff
Photographer: Nina Stiller

September, 2009


john.lighttern's picture
216 pencils

Boring and the photo does not work with the hand's position.

Andrea Afeltra's picture
Andrea Afeltra
96 pencils

Ooooooooooold idea.

Gistroff's picture
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I guess there is a merit in this idea: to salute to the fans for their support, passion etc. In a sense they are also the bearers of the trophy.

lucdesaulniers's picture
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Very very overdone concept.

braindance's picture
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only thing I like is the bag design

rolling.stone's picture
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good from ambient point of view


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