University of Aarhus: The world's smallest brochure

Results and Effectiveness: The brochure immediatly became a collector's item at college and was a major subject on the students Facebook college groups. But most importantly, the University of Aarhus experienced a 67% increase of applications for the Molecular Biology and other nature science studies. Their most successful campaign ever.

Creative Execution: We created a brochure so small that it was only possible to read the text through a microscope. The brochure measured only 5 mm x 10 mm and the text was specially printed with an incredible point size of only 0.4. The brochure informing about the molecular studies at Aarhus University - was handed out to students at all major colleges.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea: For years The University of Aarhus had experienced a decline of students at the nature science studies. Our brief was to make more college students choose to study nature sciences after ending college. We specially designed a campaign for every study direction. For the study of Molecular Biology (the study of biology at a molecular level) we built our campaign around a basic insight that concerned all the students at Molecular Biology. Since they had always been interested in studying very small objects, they all owned a microscope at home or they frequently used the microscopes placed in the physics/chemistry room at college.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Århus, Denmark
Creative Directors: Michael Paterson, Jesper Hansen
Art Directors: Morten Killerich, Jakob Nusbaum
Account Manager: Jesper Kortegaard

July 2010


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It's fun and relevant, but maybe not that practical for those who don't have a microscope readily available. Still, I like the idea.

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i like it,great idea!!!

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The best DM I have seen in many years!

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on brand..... on user.... on business... this is defiantly an award winning
you did great communication Michael..

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done 2 times before

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Done! Jung von Matt did it for RWE.

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Molecular biology -> microscopic brochure. Do you think it needed more than 1 step, 1 minute of thinking? I don't think so. Relevant, but award winning? Please...

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Which method or printer have you use while producing this brochure?

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Which printing technology did you use in producing this brochure?

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great idea

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Disco Munky
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I call bullshit on this. FAKE.

Doin' it for the points

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Smart already did this.

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