UFC: Ear

Whenever there is sports on television, everyone watching it seems to instantly decide they are the smartest person in the bar. Agencia Africa Brasil has made it possible for sports fans to become real experts in fighting, whatever the social setting. The agency has created the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) EAR wireless headphone, in the delightful form of a battered UFC fighter's ear. How does it work? The headphone has a built-in radio transmitter that makes it impossible to miss a moment of the big fight. UFC EARs were distributed throughout São Paulo, to punters at local bars broadcasting UFC fights. The result? The number of fighting experts grew dramatically.

Advertising Agency: Agencia Africa, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho
Creative Directors: Aricio Fortes, Paulo Coelho
Art Directors: Paulo Coelho, Rafael Gil, Iron Brito, Eco Moliterno
Copywriter: Aricio Fortes, Rodrigo da Matta
Director: Caio Rubini
Planner: Ana Cortat
Sound Design: jamute
Print Producers: Carla Lustosa, Edson Harada
Accounts: Marcio Santoro, Cecilia Duarte, Marina Damato
Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira, Fabio Freitas, Evandro Soares
TV Production: Rodrigo Ferrari, Stella Gafo

June 2013

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