Toyota: Driving license

The all-new Prius is now in the driving seat.
Introducing Intelligent park assist. A revolutionary system that allows the new Toyota Prius to park itself. Simply locate an empty space, sit back, and let intelligent park assist do the rest. The next generation Prius. Coming soon.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB Johannesburg, South Africa Creative Director: Brett Morris

Art Directors: Lawrence Katz
Copywriters: Lawrence Katz
Illustrator: Olivia Tesson

May 2009


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Quite a nice piece of DM... but as I'm not a woman, I don't really need a car that parks itself.

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You may not be a woman, but I can tell you're an asshole.

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wow!!! great comment very intellgent.

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Standard, informational stuff here. Would have been nice to play up the tire print/finger print deal; but I think it works. I think the technology sells itself though, so I think the information and pictur eof the car were enough.

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great dm work, never seen this use of media before, the fact that it has never been done and you can't find a dm that is similar is a 10 for me. Too many dm's copying each other or gimmicks. This is fresh.

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A tad subtle... but a good idea.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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very smart. very fresh.

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Lovely idea for a mailer.

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new idea, that in itself deserves a high score. Very effective way of reaching a specific target audience and a smart way of communication. If i found a license in my post box, i would be intrigued.

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nice job, very new, very innovative

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