Tok&Stok: Toy Chair Business Card

Going to a store and taking a business card is customary. Now, what you can do with it is what varies. Tok&Stok turned their business card in a entertainment. To allude to their easy to assemble furniture, the brand launched an unprecedented action that converts the business card in a little chair. To do so is very simple: just detach the parts marked and put them together. The back of the card has the logo, while the seat takes the essential information such as address and phone number.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Marco Versolato, João Mosterio
Creatives: Markus Correa, Gustavo Tasselli
Account Supervisors: Polika Teixeira, Marcia Aguiar, Suzana Poli, Marcelo Trivelato

June, 2011


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like it.

"If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?"
— Rumi

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Nike Diesel
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Done. Done. Done.

Here's one for Jim Profitt - Hand Made Furniture:

Here's another one for an industrial designer:

etc, etc, etc ...

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Blue Apple
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Kick ass work..

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It wasn't done.
They are nothing like it - beside being chairs...
I liked it! Congrats

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Nike Diesel
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Yes. it's been done. End of discussion. Sorry.

Here's one:
The execution really sucks, but still it's been done.
Here's a sexy example IMO:

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I never heard about the others in my life !!
This is a Big Idea that combine with a good concept and they realized it.

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Nike Diesel
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So what if you haven't heard about them.
And, lol, it's not a big idea. Very ignorant comment.

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Sad... there are people in this forum that goes *hei this is actually good work.. but it aint my idea so i'm jealous and i'm gonna look for links and do the Done Done Done post* well Nike... your type of post is more than DONE and DONE

i like the work


god is good but will he listen

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Nike Diesel
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I love good work, but not when it has been done. Comment the work and stop being a bitch.

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Great idea!

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Great work and I totally agree that those other ideas are different. Well done!


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Nice and simple!

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Even it done.. its nice..

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The comment goes for the person who thought the idea and also the mechanism...
Sexy job done mate! \m/\m/

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what's the result of this????

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cute however the idea of a business card is to have it easily accessible in your wallet. if that were me i would have the urge to make the chair and then when you've made it; bin time (well actually being a design student i would put it in my creative design draw haha) so i do like it it is clever

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