tinnitus-ist-heilbar.de: Greeting card

Advertising Agency: Heye & Partner, Munich, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Alexander Bartel, Martin Kießling
Creative Directors: Jan Okusluk, Zeljko Pezely, Fabian Hinzer
Art Directors: Andreas Weber, Amalija Tidlacka
Copywriters: Christian Beitlich, Isabel Köhl
Sound Design: Felix Kupferschmidt
Published: January 2010


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simple, smart. i like it.

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Nice and simple

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haha, die schrift kenn ich doch

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Nice idea. THough I wouldn't hear the sound - as I've already got it built in! ;-)

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Yes, nice and simple while sharing an experience.

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Simple. Powerful. I wish I'd done it!

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should work reverse, like if you open the card the sound stops...

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Good idea, but the beep should stop after 10-20 secs, otherwise ppl will get rid of this card without getting the message...

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