The Lost Property Box

November 2013

A specially designed box for lost property was made and sold to restaurants, spas and museums to raise money for research about dementia. Items that no one claimed, were sold for the benefit of dementia research.

Presented in collaboration with the Dementia Association.
We all forget things sometimes, it’s natural. But when we get older forgetfulness can be a first sign of dementia. Support our struggle, give a donation to the Dementia Fund, pg 90 08 58-2. Or leave your things in the box and they will be sold to the benefit of the Dementia Fund.

Advertising Agency: Pool, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Johan Gustafsson
Copywriter: Ulf Rönnbäck
Account Manager: Therese Andersson
Photographer: Marcus Kurn/Sylvie
Additional credits: Södermalms snickeri, Silkscreen i Solna

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