Terminix: Roach

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Dallas, USA
Creative Directors: Pete Voehringer, Steve Grimes
Art Director: Dustin Taylor
Copywriter: Andrew Beckman
Photographer: Scott Harben
Executive Creative Director: Shon Rathbone
GCD: Julial Melle

May, 2009


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I hate these filthy little bastards but I love this, it's excellent.

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What if girl read that magazine?
What will happen to her?

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She would be scared to death. Isn't that the point?

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Yes. That so disgusting.

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HOW in Hell would some machine crop those antennae and leg spikes??

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There's a clear plastic around to make a neat clean cut. You can see it in one of the shots.

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I will just die if I saw this in a mag I was reading. But otherwise, it's so true. The little critters get everywhere.

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@ Se7- a girl would no doubt drop dead on the spot if she saw this, nestled within her "Lady's Journal of Soft Furnishings + Pretty Smiles". The female of the species is far to delicate for this sort of thing, BAN IT AT ONCE!!! Also lets ban Baboons, for their rumps are upsetting to the fairer sex also.

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Very clever. Nice job.

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Wow, this is effective. If I were paging through a magazine and stumbled across the bug my first response would be bleeaaarrrrghhhh! Talk about attention getting.

The only danger might be readers panicking and throwing the magazine across the room in disgust; or jumping up and down on it six hillion jillion skillion times.

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that's really coooooooool~

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what if i throw the magz away, and then forget the message...

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What if Grandma had a d*ck? Then she'd be Grandpa.
Your comment carries no weight. Millions of people, everyday, pay no attention to ads. This maximizes the response of the ones who do pay attention.

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Simple idea. Brilliant.

UDAYpatwardhan@+91 22 98206 54722

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haha... give me a frighten when i see it during reading book.

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Excelent idea. That takes attention

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i think its effective even its disgusting

| Everartz |

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Very very good idea.

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great idea.....good thinking to use none various traditional media to communicate the message...

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This idea, but with a better execution, won an award in direct mktg in the 1999's Clios. It was a flyer to be delivered under the door. I meet the winners.

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It's a great idea, but the Guest who asked, "HOW in Hell would some machine crop those antennae and leg spikes??" is right. That's either an actual roach, or this is scam.

But if it's an actual roach, I will give them the Cannes Lion right now. Because that's sick, rude and fantastic.

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Very life like... lol IT WORKS... That's the selling point. it makes the person think.
Spook advertisements work... just as the old "sex sells" advertisements same with the scare your pants off to buy our goods or service. IT WORKS!...

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nice idea,
also effective even its disgusting

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Brilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllliant . Loved it . Thinking of doing it as a prank at home. Thanks for the idea. hahahah. But superb job and execution.

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good idea

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really , really cool

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how can it works after the magaizine close? isn't the thing will be folded?

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