T.D.G. Vertriebs: Cheese Pencil

Brief: The 3 different types of parmesan cheese needed packaging, which is easy to handle at meals and also lists portioning suggestions as a bonus. With the built-in grating function you can sprinkle delicious, appetizing flakes of parmesan cheese on your meal.

Brief from the client: Develop packaging for a trio of selected parmesan cheeses including a grater shaped like a pencil sharpener – an addition to the ‘The Deli Garage’ range, a food label that supports small manufacturers of delicacies with lovely packaging ideas.

Description of design: The cheeses are shaped like oversized pencils, where the “leads” contain three different flavors: truffles, pesto and chilli. With the sharpener included, the required amount of cheese can be sprinkled on the dish. A scale on the pencils and on the back of the packaging doesn’t just simply list how much of the Cheese Pencil is needed for each dish, but even how many calories the portion contains.

Results: The limited first edition of 500 was sold out 2 weeks after the launch.

Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Germany
Creative Director: Katrin Oeding
Art Direction: Reginald Wagner
Copywriter: Thomas Voelker
Account Manager: Marie Steinhoff
Photographer: Ulrike Kirmse


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Good idea.. I also want to buy it...

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Beyond brilliant: logical even, fantastic work.

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I want one.

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Joaquin Salim

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the product idea is great (which came from the client brief)... The packaging? meh....

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Great job, guys!!!

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