Surfrider Foundation: Return

The rubbish that is thrown into the ocean eventually returns. To everybody.
Help us to protect the world's seas and oceans.

Advertising Agency: Script, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo Real
Art Directors: João Paulo Medeiros, Thiago Manhães
Copywriter: Felipe Machado
Film Production: TCO Filmes
Executive Production: JP Braga
Director: JP Braga
DP: Nando Azevedo e Fernando Fernandez
Edit: JP Braga
Color Grading: Nando Azevedo
Soundtrack: Daniel Medeiros, Leo Cruz, Marcelo Frota / Buena Musica
Published: March, 2011


Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1636 pencils

Coming from a beach city, I appreciate this campaign, good stuff Script!

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
7000 pencils

Well I can safely say I never leave trash behind and I'm often annoyed by people that naively do leave their trash behind - so in that respect, I might be a bit annoyed by being confronted with their trash yet AGAIN at my front door but nevertheless I think it's a solid and good idea :) not sure if it's really pricey, I think so.

Prof's picture
1453 pencils

didnt convince me for some reason...

Quite really.

jagadeesh's picture
747 pencils

is the trash sent to the same people who left there? if it is, that's beautiful..
if not, i wont be happy to see someones trash sent to me to dispose them

advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
589 pencils

heheh, only pretty people in brazil i see.
i think you did a good job with the line "...returns to everybody". it might help deal with the "it wasnt me" syndrome of people, which is probably true for most of those people who received it.

lpgatti's picture
331 pencils

really nice!!

Lp Gatti

brenopontes's picture
21 pencils

Mates, this stuff is great! Trust me, being brazilian and from a 3 million people beach city, I can guarantee this method of catching people's attention is perfect for Rio's reality! Thumbs up all the way! Everyone goes to the beach, and even the ones who dont and/or dont litter, still will sympathize with this campaign. It's one of those cases of knowing your public.

Jackbr's picture
1429 pencils

Ousado e genial.


Lazarus's picture
1538 pencils

Like the same work for Surfrider in the states.

UndoRedo's picture
101 pencils

Superb... confrontation and making people feel ashamed of their actions is the best way toy change their habbits even if sometimes it makes you feel annoyed, ask your mother... This is way more effective that watching any wwf, greenpeace, print or tv ad for people that don't give a s*%#!

robertorcruz's picture
6 pencils

que buena ! me gusto bastante.

chirag's picture
52 pencils

the recall effort is good for the people,
Better if could be done something for those who actually spoil the environment by throwing the garbage,
either the box should be packed thereafter and returned the same time.

pejueni's picture
17 pencils

Brilliant idea!

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