Sunplay: Tanning Tattoo

Background: SunPlay provides maximum SPF and UV protection for sun lovers allowing them to play in the sun without worrying about getting burned.

Objective: Increase brand relevance and build a stronger emotional bond with consumers.

Idea: We distributed SunPlay Tanning Tattoo stickers to sun lovers on the beach. After playing and tanning in the sun, they could remove the stickers form their skin leaving a beautiful mark: unique proof that SunPlay allows sun lovers to play in the sun without worrying.

Result: More than 12.000 stickers were distributed within 4 days bringing the brand closer to its customers.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Group Creative Director: Nicholas Hong
Art Directors: Ricky Ho, Hui Ka Kit
Copywriter: Kristie Chen
Creative Director: Henry Yim
Agency Producer: Vivian Ho

October 2011


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Holy Photoshop, Batman.

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It's a nice gift, but it doesn't demonstrate anything about the product. You would get that tan line without the product too.

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I wonder if they got the inspiration from this cinema classic:

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There's a spelling error under the "Idea" section. It should be "from" in the second sentence, not "form."

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Prasad Weerasekara
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I agree with morse. but nice DM work.

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Like it.

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