Subaru: Target the Top

A New Year’s gift for selected clients owning Subaru off-road vehicles. Subaru is an excellent choice for any mountain-lover because of its unique Symmetrical All Wheel Drive System (AWD). We made a special darts game. The dartboard represents a mountain with the circles replaced by topographic contour lines. (Contour lines are lines drawn on a map connecting points of equal elevation, allowing us to show the shape of the land surface). The different heights indicate the various scoring sections. This year, using the special Subaru-winged darts representing your Subaru vehicle, you can "Target the Top" at 2011m and enjoy 2011 points!

Advertising Agency: Day6, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Ivan Papadopoulos
Art Director: Panagiotis Kavopoulos
Copywriter: Ivan Papadopoulos
Illustrator: Redoine Amzlan
Photographer: Αndonis Kefalonitis
Additional credits: Panos Theokas

December, 2010


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great idea,

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Jaap Grolleman
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Nice. I'd try it, for some laughs.

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Interesting DM. Nice job.

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