Spark Hope: Art for Aids, Matchbook

Brief: Rock4AIDS is an annual benefit concert that aims to help combat HIV/AIDS by improving education in local schools. In order to raise enough money to make a meaningful difference, we had to create a piece of communication that would convince musicians to come and perform at this year’s concert for free. Target audience: each year, the Rock4AIDS invitation is sent to different international and local bands and musicians.

Creative Execution: Over the years since Rock4AIDS’ launch, we created various invitations to the annual benefit concerts. For example, a guitar without strings, entitled ‘The silence is killing us’. In keeping with the theme of using the medium of rock music to affect a change against HIV/AIDS, we chose to use one of the most used rock instruments, drumsticks, to spread a positive message.

Creative Solution: Even though HIV/AIDS spreads like a fire in our country, we believe that a message of hope can spread just as easily. We created giant matchbooks containing drumsticks which can be pulled out and struck, and which can be used during a performance. Each matchbook serves as an invitation to local and international artists to join us at this year’s concert and to help us spark hope.

Results: We received a positive response from three of the four musicians that the invitation was sent to. Plans for the 2011 Rock4AIDS concert are underway.

Advertising Agency: Joe Public, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Pepe Marais
Creative Director: Maciek Michalski
Art Directors: Maciek Michalski, Sinome Rossum, Sophia Strydom, Freda Raubenheimer
Copywriters: Clint Bechus, Jeanine Vermaak
Photographer: David Prior

June, 2011


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the 4th musician is a douchebag for not participating.. hahah..

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