Sekunda Glue: Origami Vase

Situation: Most people are familiar with the repairing feature of glue. but few have tried how easy it is to repair completely broken household object back to its perfect original shape by using Sekunda glue.

Solution: We sent an Origami DM paper showing a completely broken Chinese vase. By following the simple folding instructions you could see how the broken vase pieces where put back to its orlglnal form without any cracks.

Results: Most customers who received our mailer changed their long-time prejudice from a generic. complicated glue into a smart, easy to use, all-purpose quality glue. Raising Sekunda’s purchase preference and sales.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Andres Vergara, Luis Tauffer
Art Director / Photographer: Anna Kautenchzhi
Copywriter: Andres Vergara


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So COOL!!!!

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Muuuuito legal! Adorei. Isso é realmente uma idéia marcante! Parabéns!

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