Save the Children: The Beggar

Tear here to stop Child Exploitation /
Rip down the string and set her free

Problem: Street children are a global problem. In China, informal statistics have up to 1.5 million children living on the streets, of which up to 79% are exploited by criminals who force the children into picking through garbage, begging, performing or stealing. These children are trapped in a life of pain and suffering where malnutrition and abuse are all they know. For the average person on the street the sight of these children is disturbing but nothing new, and as much as they’d like to help they don’t know how.

Idea: Our dramatic photographs incorporate actual strings to represent the puppet-like manipulation of children caught in these situations. The strings are held in place by a removable banner which describes the plight of the children. When the banner is torn off by the reader the strings are released and information is revealed to tell the reader how they can help. These cards are distributed in large cities and urban areas around China to inform people about Save the Children, an international charity organization dedicated to rescuing children from exploitation.

Advertising Agency: Linksus, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Polar Qiao, Lin Bo, Gao LuYang
Art Director: Polar Qiao, Lin Bo, Gao LuYang
Copywriter: Tian LiGang, Tian LinYan, Gentrad
Photographer: Shi Zhong, Hui Jing
Published: November 2011


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very nice.

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Tilbin Thambi
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It's Good

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I don't get it. Theyre still begging. All we are doing is removing strings and it doesnt help them at all?


Might work for a Pinocchio DM. This? Not so much.

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cool idea.

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