S7 Airlines: Russia. Where the cold is cool!

There are many stereotypes about Russia – bears on the streets, vodka, nuclear power plants, unfriendly people and many others, which often scare off foreigners. To dispel these myths and increase the popularity of S7 Airlines’ international routes from Europe to Russia, Leo Burnett Moscow created an interactive print, using a non-traditional printing technique with thermochromic ink. As the “Russia. Where the cold is cool!” print, illustrated with Russian stereotypes, is placed in a freezer, at a certain temperature the special thermochromic ink will appear. The illustration will then gain a whole new meaning, contrary to what was first seen. It is with this unconventional method that Leo Burnett Moscow is communicating the main idea of the campaign – to see the real Russia, you need real Russian frost.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Grisha Sorokin, Mikhail Kudashkin
Art Directors: Grisha Sorokin, Mikhail Yarovikov, Andrey Klemenkov, Alexander Pokhvalin
Copywriters: Andrey Donov, Alexander Ovsyankin
Illustrator: Fiodor Sumkin
Production house: Kijjaa! Digital Miracles

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Great use of the medium, nice stuff.

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Wow, i like the creative concept !!!

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the MAGIC of thermochromic ink!!!

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love it.

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The media and the concept is great, I have my worries about it, but is a good idea in general...

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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Great concept and execution!

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Clever one.

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Balalaika hero! nice DM!

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