Roth & Ramberg Photography: Vancouver DM

We Know Where to Find Green Grass, Man.
You know how they say the grass is always greener on the other side? Well it’s true. In fact, we have an office there. Just over the mountains is a world of leafy green goodness. Vancouver is totally the best source for that sweet, sweet green stuff. So if your project requires less snow and more grow, drop our Vancouver office a line. However if winter wonderland is your thing, well, we can do that too. Just promise you won’t call at 2AM looking for a hook up. An email will do just fine.
We’re no dopes. See the video of how we made this postcard without doing anything illegal at

Advertising Agency: Wax, Calgary
Creative Director: Trent Burton
Art Director: Brad Connell
Copywriter: Chris Lihou
Photographer: Roth & Ramberg
Stylist: Leah Van Loon
Makeup: Teslin Ward
Published: January 2013

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