Roger Keynes: Jobless Writer

Will Think for Salary

After being "let go", this was an idea to get myself a new job, or an interview, or at the very least noticed... in the middle of the GFC. Hand made business cards were delivered to high end ad agency CDs and Senior Creatives. It was also run as an animated home page banner ad on local ad industry website So far, the job hasn't happened, but new ad agency contacts and quite a few freelance jobs have.

Advertising Agency: Roger Keynes, Adelaide Australia
Creative: Roger Keynes
Additional credit: Samsung Corportation... for use of cardboard
Published: September 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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It's a cool idea, but the message is getting a bit tooooo strong here ;p

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not bad

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Lorem Ipsum
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I think this is the best self promo i've ever seen. from a few years ago

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Looks like someone copied the OutOfWorkAdGuy:

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Roger Keynes
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Like your thinking OOWAG, but sadly no.
Just a spin on an obvious angle... without sacrificing dignity. ;)

Will Think for Salary

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While I'm not entirely devoid of empathy, cardboard signs are overused in advertising. This is one explanation as to why he hasn't found work yet.

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Nice idea.
Good luck finding that job!

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Way over done, doesn't show much creativity

Good is the enemy of great.

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Here´s my take on the same issue. See the rest of the case in my blog.

;) A

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Seriously Crazy
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yeah..u cud hire him for the copy on your card :D

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seems little beseeching


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Roger Keynes
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A very little, rs.
It's what we do, isn't it? ;)

Will Think for Salary

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hobo namecard, i love it!

Lynn Ho
Decision Communications Pte Ltd
Advertising Agency Singapore

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Translation: I am an unemployed, heavy-drinking, formerly overpaid creative, who wants to convey the attitude of a hungry junior, but yet makes it abundantly clear that unless you pay me like the diva I am, I won't lift a finger. And my ideas are stale... in fact... I steal them from the homeless.

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Roger Keynes
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I am not a heavy drinker.
Not on freelance income!
And, best of luck with your cursor problem. ;)

Will Think for Salary

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Seriously Crazy
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not bad at all... ;-)

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Nike Diesel
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Done to death, very often by students. One was made even in my class, just like yours - "will think for salary".
And, cardboard signs are overused everywhere, so I wouldn't turn my head for this one either.

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Roger Keynes
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Like this, you mean?
It's talking to CD's. Not teachers or students.
Either way, let me know how it goes for them... because this puppy is still working, nearly five years later. Peace
Rog :)

Will Think for Salary

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The concept is kinda done and donera and is not compelling to me at all. At any rate I see you have beached yourself at Einstein Da Vinci. A name that offers so much but delivers so little. Good luck! :)

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Roger Keynes
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Make yourself known if you're in SA, DonnyD.
So I can put a face to the tone! :) Rog

Will Think for Salary

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