Red Tomato Pizza: The VIP Fridge Magnet

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai, UAE
Head of Digital: Preethi Mariappan
Senior Interactive Art Director: Rafael Guida
Senior Content Strategist: Melanie Clancy
Graphics Motion Designer: Juan Behrens
Sr. User Interface Developer: Jerome Conde
Technical Lead: Navin Chauhan
Producer: Kishore Ramachandran


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There's already an iphone app for that.

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Tilbin Thambi
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It's Classic Too, more than an App, The execution of the add, the way the technology reaches the people is classic

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4601 pencils

Not exactly sure what you mean by classic. But if you mean it's an old idea to mimmic a movie style, then yes this is classic.

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lol it brings up so many questions but I don't care, That was funny as hell

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Nike Diesel
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Wordfruit's picture
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The magnet looks like a great idea.

Could be too handy for some people.

kleenex's picture
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So overly dramatic....

Even without an ipad app this can be a useful gadget for all pizza shops.

vote4pedro's picture
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it looks like a good idea on the surface. but you have to sync it to a smart phone app. it's taking a product that already exists and adding an extra step to use it.

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It doesn't get any easier than this - wonderful idea!

vIIv2427's picture
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Great idea.....

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Brilliant idea! Better than a mobile phone app as the magnet is in your face. Whenever you go to the fridge you will be faced with the temptation to order a pizza

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