Red Lion Publicis: The Doodle Book

Brief: Create a piece of self-promotion that captures what Red Lion stands for, which is simplicity, creativity and innovation.

Objectives: A doodle pad that takes the identity forward and invites everyone to think and innovate using specially created pencil shavings. People were then asked to send us their doodles which were put up on a special wall of doodle honour. This pad also acts as a reminder medium as most individuals would use it for writing or making notes.

Advertising Agency: Red Lion Publicis, Mumbai, India
Managing Partner: Elsie Nanji
Partner: Punit Jagasia
Creative Director: Rajesh Kulkarni


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36288 pencils


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1608 pencils

Where's the proofreader? Neat idea but did it actually work?

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377 pencils

jst like the agency... simple, innovative and interesting.

like the idea

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