Red Bull: Portable Charger

Advertising School: Hallym University, Cheonan-si, South Korea
Copywriters: Heejo Sun, Dongkyun Yu
Art Director: Minseok Go


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Jaap Grolleman
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It charges the iPhone4s and below.... while the whole world wants a iPhone5 charger ;p Idea is nice, though strictly a visual idea. And, is it even possible for a charger to put the Red Bull logo on the phone or is that just phony?

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is this a concept, or does this really exist?

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Nice idea, but it seems fake....I would like to see a video.

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Nice, but accessories can't rally change the charging animation/progress. Also can't run websites. Also the battery pack seems too small to fully charge a smartphone. It's fake.

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The credits seem to indicate it's a prototype.

Still I like the idea. The web page doesn't seem necessary.

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cute idea

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Lisbon freak
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Really great idea!!!!!!!

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I think this is ace, I'd like to receive one :)

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Roger Keynes
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Great thought.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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great idea. but a bit too much of a red bull virus installed on the phone.. if you look at the pics..

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i think everyone is focusing too much on the content rather than the ad itself, i thought the use of the iPad to display the product and what it does was really great.

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Bad analogy: a phone on low-charge (i.e running out of energy) is actually the opposite of drinking a near empty can of Red Bull. (which fills you with energy.)

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