Rapp Collins Worldwide: Our customers stick to us

Discover the difference between Close and Inseparable. Discover Rapp Collins.

Advertising Agency: Rapp Collins Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Pablo Castro, Juan David Botero
Art Directors: Javier Clavijo, Yesid Suárez
Copywriter: Martha Hernández
Released: December 2008


ganeshok's picture
153 pencils

why so literal?

Ok ok ok

Ganesh. S

Wordnerd's picture
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hm.. i'm not sure if i would find that funny, or VERY annoying

phoamcor's picture
1284 pencils

Wow is this bad.

diegote's picture
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You want fans of your brand.Not people sticked to a trap like flies.Sorry.
A head is not a bucket is a filter.

BigBrother's picture
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"take it literally" is a creative resource, and I find it appropriate for this piece because it's an analogy of what's supposed to happen with loyalty programs, regardless of the fly-trap connotations that naysayers might find.
good work.

Crème de la Mer's picture
Crème de la Mer
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Me encanta!

Signe_S's picture
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This was done for Axe, so that women sticked to you when you stepped on them in the streets...

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