Prime TV: Weekend murder scene

Weekend Murders. Feature length UK drama, Saturdays 8:30pm on Prime.
Summer is a season of volatile TV ratings. How do we promote our show ‘Weekend Murders’ when everyone’s at the beach? We followed them there...and murdered them! Or rather, we gave out pool-of-blood shaped beach towels so that when people lay on them, they looked murdered.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Directors: James Mok, Chris Schofield, Billy McQueen
Art Director: Leisa Wall
Copywriter: Jane Jamieson
Account Director: Jane Wardlaw
Account Manager: Katie Loverich
Production Manager: Mason Clarke

March, 2009


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On the sand they look pretty much like any other towel.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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i sure as hell don't sleep like i was just beaten to death.

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Agreed. Why are the examples laying like they were murdered? I know the pool of blood is the concept, but that is not how anyone sunbathes! They should show people in natural sun tanning positions because that is how the people they give the towels to will likely be laying.

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a little wonky in execution, but likely to bring a wry smile and capture attention.

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They are lying like this b/c they are mates of the creatives and they need to get shots for the award entry.
No one walking past can reading what it is advertising. fail.

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Um.... when people are using these and 'becoming' part of the ambient execution, you can't read the message. And I bet every towel they made is in this photo.

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this campaign has generated excellent results.

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really really bad

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It's great. Perhaps y'all should stop sipping the haterade and see a concept for its creativity 'cause this is really creative.


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