PIAF: Fallon London

In order to bring atention to PIAF and their high profile jury, we created a set of custom posters directed at Creative Directors in Barcelona, London, New York, Paris and São Paulo. In total 32 ads were created.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Prague, Czech Republic
Chief Creative Officer: Jaime Mandelbaum
Head of Art: Marco "Eddie" Antonio do Nascimento
Copywriter: Conor Barry
Art Director: Thiago Jacon
Photographers: Michael Bae, Will Wintercross, Thiago Jacon, Marco Antonio do Nascimento
Retouching: Playground
Account Director: Esther Gibbons
Account Executives: Karolina Vlasakova. Filip Schleif

March, 2011


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8881 pencils

"Hey, guys. Conor's asleep. Let's just use the same copy on all of them."

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To be fair, each was sent to a different individual, so there is no reason to have different copy on each.

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Fair enough, Ivan.

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From the sound of the team line-up, no Czech people work at Y&R Prague.

From the state of the ads, maybe some should.

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I like the line regardless. It's funny and there's a boatload of them, so having different lines doesn't really make sense.

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