The Most Credible Testimonial in the World

November 2012
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Opel was going to launch the new electric car Ampera. It is revolutionary: The first fully electric car for real everyday use, rechargeable on any power socket. But to convince the people from the Ampera, we first had to convince a very critical target group: The motoring journalists. So we were looking for the help of a charming and surprising testimonial to speak for the Ampera: Electricity itself. And thanks to some small electronics we made electricity speak for the Ampera. The motoring journalists got a parcel with a simple power socket. And we just asked them, to use it. When they did, they experienced a surprise they would never forget: Electricity spoke to them – out of the power socket. The Ampera got the best motoring press coverage in Opel's history and finally became Car of the Year 2012.

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