Nuts chocolate bar: Books

(on Book mark) OR… charge your mind with NUTS

Promo was done to introduce to teenagers - our TA - new improved recipe of NUTS bar.

We used an ‘ambush’ strategy. The bait for this ambush was a book “HOW TO ENJOY HARD AND LOW-PAID JOB”, seeded at Universities, cafes and canteens visited by our TA. Actually it is a nightmare for them – “hard and low-paid” job with such a visual. They would do anything to avoid it. That’s why they took the book… And we offered them a simple pleasurable solution on a bookmark – “OR… charge your mind with NUTS”. At that time our promo-squirrel appeared, offering them new improved NUTS bar, which they willingly accepted. Physical jobs are not aspirational today in Russia; an office position is a dream. No teenager wants to work physically – hence one has to be in the University and regularly pass the exams or one can lose everything. So we made our promo during exam period (end of Jan-Feb) and offered them a simple choice: to learn in a hard way “How to enjoy hard and low-paid job” or just “Charge their mind with NUTS”. Overall brand campaign for NUTS resulted in +5% sales for February-March 2012 vs.2011. Core image attribute for NUTS ‘stimulates brain activity’ grew by 3,9%.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Ivan Chimburov
Art Director: Andrey Shtapauk
Copywriter: Andrey Kashtanov
Senior designer: Alexander Medvedev
Strategic planning director: Andrey Slepchenko
Client services director: Ekaterina Kazakova
Account director: Daria Brazhnikova
Account manager: Olga Pototskaya
BTL agency: BrandNew
Creatives: Svetlana Shulga, Ekaterina Tyshnyuk, Ekaterina Ena


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