Ninseikan Karate School: Half-split chopsticks

Advertising Agency: Grey, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director: Masayoshi Soeda
Art Directors: Mitsunori Yamazaki, Shinmei Yamamoto, Taichi Tsunoda
Photographer: Kyota Miyazono / UN
CG: Yohei Yamada / Spoon
Cameramans: Kei Nishida, Haruka Motoi / Hiroo Media Studio
Published: February 2011


stevel's picture
423 pencils

so he breaks apart the bricks and severs his own leg?!!! he is good.

vlwk's picture
154 pencils

Seems like a first thought and seems to communicate that you're only strong enough to break chopsticks. Different medium just for the sake of it.

kleenex's picture
36286 pencils

well it is an attempt that I think only sorta works.,

ace85le's picture
3939 pencils

It's funny if the chopsticks are broken that way. Usually it needs to be torn up all the way to make them balanced when you use them.

And ya, he broke his own freaking leg!!!


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