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Heh that's a good idea but I wonder if those CEO's will read the side text first before opening the package. I wonder if they even open it, maybe they receive it and store it next to their desk thinking "oh that's nice I'll give it to my kids" and then head back to work. I don't know really.

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Really brilliant thinking here. Just curious as to how many opened it. I know a lot of CEOs who keep packaging as it was sent to them, and it lands on their dusty shelf.

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Well done. Congrats!!

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American "football" sucks. Give them a real ball.

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Awesome strategy.... but let's be a little bit honest, 5 out of the 6 Billion People (World Population), follows real Football. It's way much more profitable and adaptable to make deals with football associations than with the NFL....

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such an effective and well researched direct mailer design :-) i love how they call it the trojan ball, sneaky ;-D

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