Natural Resources Defense Council: Global Warming-Hot Cup & Sleeve

Protect yourself from global warming.

Advertising Agency: KNARF New York, USA
Creative Director: Frank Anselmo
Copywriters: Stephen Minasvand
Art Directors: Stephen Minasvand
Photographer: Billy Siegrist


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Very smart idea! Well executed and beautifully presented too.
I don't think I've ever seen a cup & sleeve work together to deliver a message.
That's damn original I must say. Nice touch with the eco-friendly green description type.

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Very smart. Congrats.

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neat how it covers (or protects) the rain forest. i wonder if it's intentional or serendipitous.

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Extremely smart!!!

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A toal winner! Very good! But, did NRDC distributed the cups with cofee? or did they make an alliance with a cofee shop? How was this really put together? How was the logistic made?

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I read an article about this piece. They distributed them to delis, street vendors, and I think hospitals.
I don't think it was a Starbucks tie-in or anything, but it was a national thing. Saw it in The One Show and I think CA.

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how can you protect yourself from global warming?
livin in a fridge?
moving outerspace?

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Global warming ideas just keep getting better.


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protect yourself from global warming... by putting extra recycalable cupholders made of papers
a selfish tagline and execution imo.


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Smart. Simple. Great.

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Paper and cups exist anyways. So why not put a message on them?

I think it's bloody BRILLIANT!

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Hmm.. A classmate of mine did this a little over a year ago for the One Show Student competition. Same exact idea. Same exact client.

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Hmm.. A classmate of mine did this a little over a year ago for the One Show Student competition. Same exact idea. Same exact client.

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Same exact idea as the link posted above. Nice find. Too many student ideas are duplicated in by "professionals." Sad. Just sad.

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I read an article about this piece. They were both entered into the 2007 One Show College competition by different schools but neither got in. The instructor approached the NRDC with it and sold it to them. Then it got into the One Show Professionally. How admirable! Yeah similar ideas but the execution on this one is considerably better. Better line too. Nice idea.

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I agree. Nice one!

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The one posted on the other link is just a mock-up. As you can see, the coffee cup was painted and placed on top of a computer monitor and shot with a digital camera.

The version that was submitted to the 07 One Show was considerably better than the one posted on the other link.

I know this, because I was with the guy when mocked up that page to send to his partner.

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Who cares? So what, two people had the same idea for the same competition. Great minds think alike I guess, but why is that bad comp on that link? This one was executed about as well as I could imagine. Nice touch with the recycled sleeve. They went and sold it. Smart. The early bird wins.

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I guess the funniest part is who all they've credited:

A CD, two CW's and an three AD's? Really?

Give me a break, the idea was ripped off, plain and simple. I've seen people arrested for less.

Check the link again, it looks like a pretty tight comp to me. Especially from students.

I'd take the two Circus kids over these six, any day.

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It's really only 3 guys, a creative director, a writer and an art director, they've just credited themselves a couple times.

You're right, two is still better than three. And, the idea is the exact same.

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The verdict is in: My friend had the One Show annual from a few years ago when the NRDC competition happened. Neither of these cups won the college competition or got in at all.

They were both entered the same year. I read it in an article. Apparently former students got a job at KNARF who has that client. The NRDC actually produced them. If you look at last year's One Show Design annual, it got in.

So no one stole this idea. It's a case of creatives coming up with the same idea, for the same competition. Nothing crazy here. Like the whole world works on this competition. But kudos to it being sold!

Those of you who think the Creative Circus one is better are all on crack. SERIOUSLY!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? JUST LOOK AT THEM. One is obviously a student piece while the other is slickly produced. Come on now!!!

You must be Creative Circus students to be talking like that.

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The verdict is hardly in. Here's why:

I didn't attend The Creative Circus.

Congrats to these guys for getting the idea sold, but making the assumption that theirs looks better, so therefor it wins, is insane. It's the same idea, they just sold it. They win for selling it, not the way it looks.

I did some digging and came to the same link as posted above, and you say that theirs looks more professional, funny because someone has posted how theirs was entered into the 07 One Show, and how it appears in one of the Art Director's books.

I'm sure if the other group added a Creative Director and a photographer, they could have added a little steam and black background. But those things alone hardly make it impressive.

Congrats to the guys for selling their idea. But I can't help but comment on how they are the same idea.

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Good going on tracking this down. Yeah it's not fair to judge professional work against student work.
That early version of the SVA student one is much better than the Creative Circus one.
It's indeed the same idea but with a different line and much different art direction.

I can make a list of all the things the sva students did better. The cup looks nicer. The brown sleeve feels more green.
And then to document the produced one with a hand holding it and steam really puts the finishing touches.
They thought out all the details. Very smart. Lots of coffee cup ideas look boring. this one has life.
I especially like that the produced version is very similar to the early version.

Great going posting that link. That should shut up people claiming it was stolen.
I gotta get back to work before these youngsters take my job!

This was surely constructive. The way it suppose to be.

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