Nar Mobile: Donor Cable

The Donor Cable bracelets were given away with Android smartphone purchases at Nar stores around the country, and mobile blood donation centers were parked nearby to catch phone buyers while the issue was on their mind.
The campaign increased the nation's blood donation rate an astounding 335 percent, earning widespread attention and goodwill along the way.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Moscow, Russia


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That's brilliant!

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ion cojocaru

unfortunatelly was done before,
altough it is much better executed and it is always wellcome to fight for a good cause even if it was done before. Probably it is not a winner, because of that, but at least is a "good" campagin.

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Darko Bosnar
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this is really nice.

art director at IMAGO

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Was this idea donated??? Because its a shame you take someone else idea.

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But I like the execution.

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For me - there is the difference between ideas.

Life-saving Cable is more about physical cable: you can carry it with you (not use only in cafe), charge your phone from another phone anywhere and etc. So the goal of our project - not to just launch the cable, but to put it to the center of the new habit: battery donation. We wanted to create a real community around new way of charging a phone. We tried to form a new trend of charge donation and connect it with the blood donation.
For example, the App which is important part of the mechanics is still growing. The community is rising. So the invention (which is different) is only the part.

Anyway, i like Leo's project as well. It is nice and important to help people!

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Not the new idea but link to this blood donation is not bad at all.

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ion cojocaru

@nowayz, sorry man but is the same f..king idea, the same execution, the same concept, everything is the same, only the amplification was done better in your case. You used the same analogy beetween battery donation and blood donation, and even used the same mechanics by making a cable to connect the phones. It happends all the time to have an idea and to be done before, there is no shame in that, but you have to come up with a "something" slighty different approach if you want to stand for a winner.
I really got the part with the real community, this is the main difference and i really think you should have been started from there and creat a different mechanics around it. But you did just the same bloody cable.
just my 2 cents on this.

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