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Really nice touch.
But is it really enough to stand out? Especially when the rest of the card is pretty plain and uninteresting.


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And I want to fully agree with you on that.

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Richa Agrawal
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Prasad Weerasekara
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well done. Great work.

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Barbara O.
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i like this

Barbara O.

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As a business card I would say it has a nice touch to it. But, if I omit the die-cut design, its just another card. So the die-cut plays a pivotal role here. And for someone who wants to draw attention needs a more stand out card to make an impact on the minds of the clients. Subtlety seems not the right tool in this case. Should have been bold and at the same time classy and different. In fact its so subtle that sometimes the whole idea might go unnoticed.

Most importantly, the card does not say anything about the person's distinct quality of expertise in the particular field.


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