Memac Ogilvy: Recession business cards

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Guy Sinclair
Art Director: Leonardo Borges
Copywriters: Leonardo Borges, James Bisset
Released: April 2009


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Nice lines

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Y&R also did something like it but in a different manner

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Nice type.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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saving on paper not on creativity? I agree...but nothing really special on this ad..sorry habibi...

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mostly sad. like everything else in dubai.

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one card says "recycle"... did they really means recycle ideas? if so, please come to visit my site you'll have plenty of already recycled ideas! :-)

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hey awesome site man! :)

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Are you kidding me? Saving on paper but doing 10 différent cards? :)
Want to save money (and ecology) Do that:

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mr cab driver...

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MR CAB DRIVER..........

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Lets save on paper ! 10 000 new cards please … ;-)

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You people are all retarded. READ THE HEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!! It says RECESSION business cards, not ENVIRONMENTAL!!! Therefor it is saving on the cost of paper. Plus, just because there's 10 designs, doesn't mean you produce anymore - great idea, great execution

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The idea is quite an inspiration, I guess the real truth is, its not about the ideas or about saving paper. Its about telling companies that even during recession you should try to advertise. This is just a way the agency is trying to get attention, like the effort.

Cognito Ergo Sum

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