February 2009
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Advertising Agency: M.A.R.K.A

Extreme Islamic consumers.

Art Director: Çağlar Cengiz

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Considering this is just a magazine I think it's ok that there's no all-round concept. It's over-exaggerated, but well that's how we catch attention. It does what it has to, similarly to a supermarket flyer... to make you buy, not just enjoy the view for a while and then pick up a copy of The Daily Slab... so for middle range it's just fine.

Although looking at it from closer, in matter of execution it's not so good, all that drop shadow below the scarf and stuff, proportions of the torso & head etc... If this is just a graphic designer's work then it's fine, he did some touchup:)

What I don't understand is why the half-knowledgeable kids started to fight over 'is Islam slavery?' and all, I thought we all were in the same industry, and I wanted to read comments on the ad.
(But believe it or not, i've seen a huge political fight on youtube between pakistanis and indians i think, or whoever they were, about a video of the 'takeoff of a boeing 747-400', which shows *exactly* what the title says, nothing more and nothing less, taken from the airside. Enuff said:)


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