McCann Erickson Lithuania: Blood bags

Advertising Agency: Astos Dizainas McCann Erickson, Lithuania
Creative Director: Jonas Valatkevicius
Art Director: Ernesta Valantiejute
Copywriter: Audrius Puidokas
Designer: Karolis Zukas
Published November 2011


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Vampires stuff ! ,, me no like :)

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Vampires stuff ! ,, me no like :)

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Blood for the blood god!

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whats the statement?
blood of agency people contains lots of alcohol?
agency people is so addicted, they take alcohol intravenous?
anyway, i like it:)

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Milan Solanki
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i think it means that their employees are very much involved in their work to deliver you something good, like shedding blood and sweat

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if this is the point, it´s lame... i like drunken art directors:)

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Shedding blood and sweat?

Gross. Stupid. Downright idiotic.

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no one that recieves this would actually dare to drink it..
the message gets lost, if all the employees give their blood there's not much blood left in the agency, though.

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The link between the beaujolais nouveau and the fresh blood is extremely weak. It seems to be no point of connection between them. Apart from that, it's disgusting even to imagine that somebody could dare to drink that. The wine doesn't make it less disgusting. Actually, makes it worse, and confuses the concept.

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